Podcasts 2.2

Apple's excellent official iOS podcast app


  • Download and subscribe without opening iTunes
  • More attractive library
  • Sleep timer
  • Automatic downloads


  • Same features could be included in Music app


Podcasts provides a streamlined way to listen to your favorite podcasts and radio shows on your iOS device.

Your podcast library appears automatically - in fact you'll still be able to see them in the music app too. The new Podcasts library view is much more attractive, and you can move the podcast images around so your favorites are always on top. Touch the Catalog button lets you search for new podcasts, and you can also find them in the Top Stations tab, which works like an old radio dial.

Touching a podcast thumbnail lets you browse the episodes you have, and you can also alter the settings for each subscription. This is Podcasts' main improvement for me - you can choose to auto-download podcasts when they are available, choose how many episodes you want to keep and how you want them ordered. It's a huge improvement over the system in the Music app.

When you're listening to a podcast, you see the all new Podcasts player interface. Drag the image up to reveal the tape mechanism below, which gives you speed controls, sharing options, navigation, and the fantastic sleep timer.

Podcasts really improves on what was on offer in Music/iTunes, and has some great features for anyone who regularly listens to podcasts.



Podcasts 2.2

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